Coin-Operated Laundry Machine

We are the authorized coin operated laundry machines supplier in Malaysia with the brand “IPSO”. IPSO is a coin operated laundry machine supplier/manufacturer that mainly provides quality performance regardless of the household of industrial users.
In order to achieve optimum productivity and usage, efficiency is always in the consideration while designing IPSO’s the range of coin-operated washer extractors. Water deduction technology is in the machine to increase linen life, reduce utility costs and assures longevity.
IPSO’s coin operated washer is categorized into softmount, hardmount, frontload and stack in which each of them caters for different requirement. For instance, a small scale self-service laundry shop is recommended to use hardmount, frontload and stack.
IPSO’s coin operated washer comes with the following features:
– Intelligent design that comes with user-friendly functionalities like it's controlling interfaces that can improve conveniences & user experience.
– Optimized standard wash programmers to improve the water, detergent and energy saving rate.
– Heavy-duty constructed machines are suitable for any range of usage regardless of industrial, or household.
– Easy maintenance is always in our mind where users can rest assured.
– All the machines are come together with integrated technology to assure performance & productivity.

We believe as coin-operated laundry machine suppliers, productivity & efficiency are the key roles in escalating the performance & productivity of a machine, especially for industrial or business purpose.
If you are familiar with commercial or industrial washing machine, feel free to browser through our product catalogue. Select the one you are interested, add to cart, and send us an email, our sales consultant will get back to you with the detail of the selected machines. Whereas if you are not familiar with any of the machines, you may always contact our sales consultant so that we can lead you the way to understand more about IPSO’s products.

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