Spare Parts

Machine aging is not avoidable, in which aged machinery will go malfunction especially during heavy-duty process. Money and time are the biggest challenges to a business, if a machine breaks down are not being attended and repaired on time, it will double up the operating costs even further.

CC Laundry Solution Sdn Bhd as a commercial laundry spare parts supplier is providing a variety of commercial laundry parts that precisely fit your machine components. As the sole distributor of Alliance Laundry Systems products in Malaysia, we are distributing 100 % genuine laundry spare parts that fit all of IPSO laundry machines and most of the non-house brand machines. For your information, a majority of the laundry equipment’s parts are interchangeable which do not require the exact brand to work with.

With our years of experience in after sales service such as repair and maintenance of coin-operated laundry machine, we are able to diagnose your machine issues precisely and provide professional advice with the right replacement parts. The right and genuine replacement parts can extend the longevity of your machine lifespan and assure the performance are always at the standard benchmarked level. Feel free to ask our professional technician during the process of repair and maintenance, as it is our duty to provide you with the knowledge we have learnt through our business journey.
About the price of our quality parts, we offer prices that are slightly lower than the market price if a bulk purchase is on the order. Once again, the parts that we are distributing are 100% genuine parts from Alliance Laundry System. Only genuine parts will be supplied as we believe it always increases machine productivity and reduces malfunctions.

As a trustworthy laundry spare parts suppliers, we have our own warehouse is in Malaysia which stores a sufficient quantity of parts to cater to the demand in Malaysia. If you are interested in our parts or services, please drop us an email or click on the call button on our website to contact our sales consultant. Let us advise you with the right parts, right service and make our business sustainable.

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