Commercial Dryers

We offer a few range of commercial laundry dryer machines in Malaysia with one of our greatest brand “IPSO”. With a wide range of commercial dryer machine, IPSO is now world renowned due to its durability, reliability and efficiency. As huge research and development cost is invested, drying process has never been so efficient as what IPSO could provide. Besides, users are given different programming options which would save more time and cost.

IPSO’s dryer is categorized into the single tumble, stack tumble, heat pump tumble, single, softmount, and others. Each of the dryers is being widely used accordingly in business and industrial purpose.

Last but not least, the features of IPSO commercial dryer Malaysia are as follow.
– Efficient Drying: The balance of airflow, heat and cylinder design are being highly considered in our dryers. While the airflow and heat are being translated evenly in the dryer tumbler, the drying process will be efficient and utility costs can be lower down.
– Highly Industrial Construction: As the usage of a commercial dryer machine too high, IPSO’s has strengthened components of the dryer so that it can withstand constant heavy-duty tasks.
– Completed Product Range: We have what you or your business needs no matter it is on-premises laundry business (coin operated laundry business) or industrial use (hotel and others). The only thing you need to consider is merely the performance itself.

No doubt, the main objective of a dryer is to help on removing and extracting water and moisture from your textiles and clothes after the washing process, however, this is not the only objective of it. Imagine if a commercial laundry dryer keeps you away from hanging all the clothes & textiles in an open space so that you can spare 15 to 30 minutes for a cup of coffee or other matters. Lastly, it is helpful especially to those who are very limited to a large space for the air-drying process.

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